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    Sunday, May 26, 2013

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    Voter Suppression Group ‘True the Vote’ sues IRS Over Their Right To Victimize Others Tax-Free

    Posted by Bibin Dominic Tom Posted on 8:33 AM with No comments
    The Houston-based group True the Vote, filed suit in federal court Tuesday against the Internal Revenue Service over the agency’s processing of its request for tax-exempt status and what they claim is heightened IRS scrutiny.  The lawsuit states $85,000 in damages.

    But Why? Why can’t True the Vote get tax-exempt status to suppress the vote?

    Alabama: 4 Teens shot after gunman opens fire in the crowd at a graduation party

    Posted by Bibin Dominic Tom Posted on 8:09 AM with No comments
    In New Market, Alabama, four teenagers were hospitalized at a graduation party for Buckhorn High School late Tuesday when someone opened fire in the crowd. The shooting occurred  around 10:30 p.m. at a house party with students from several schools in attendance.

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    Virginia GOP Nominee For Attorney General Would Force Women To Report Their Miscarriages To Police

    Posted by Bibin Dominic Tom Posted on 9:36 AM with No comments

    If a woman in Virginia has a miscarriage without a doctor present, they must report it within 24 hours to the police or risk going to jail for a full year. At least, that’s what would have happened if a bill introduced by Virginia state Sen. Mark Obenshain (R) had become law.

    That's how you give complex to Psy ...lol

    Posted by Bibin Dominic Tom Posted on 8:27 AM with No comments

    Justice Dept. Tracked Fox News Reporter James Rosen’s Movements, Obtained His Personal Emails

    Posted by Bibin Dominic Tom Posted on 8:12 AM with No comments

    report in the Washington Post indicates that the Justice Department’s admission that they seized two months of telephone records from the Associated Press was not the first time the DoJ invaded the privacy of reporters in order to further an investigation. In 2009, James Rosen, Fox News’ chief Washington correspondent, was suspected of receiving secret information from government sources on North Korea. As a result, DoJ tracked his movements within the State Department via his access card, they traced the timing of his telephone calls with State Department sources, and obtained a searched his personal emails.
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