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  • Sunday, May 26, 2013

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    Voter Suppression Group ‘True the Vote’ sues IRS Over Their Right To Victimize Others Tax-Free

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    The Houston-based group True the Vote, filed suit in federal court Tuesday against the Internal Revenue Service over the agency’s processing of its request for tax-exempt status and what they claim is heightened IRS scrutiny.  The lawsuit states $85,000 in damages.

    But Why? Why can’t True the Vote get tax-exempt status to suppress the vote?

    Alabama: 4 Teens shot after gunman opens fire in the crowd at a graduation party

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    In New Market, Alabama, four teenagers were hospitalized at a graduation party for Buckhorn High School late Tuesday when someone opened fire in the crowd. The shooting occurred  around 10:30 p.m. at a house party with students from several schools in attendance.

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    Virginia GOP Nominee For Attorney General Would Force Women To Report Their Miscarriages To Police

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    If a woman in Virginia has a miscarriage without a doctor present, they must report it within 24 hours to the police or risk going to jail for a full year. At least, that’s what would have happened if a bill introduced by Virginia state Sen. Mark Obenshain (R) had become law.

    That's how you give complex to Psy ...lol

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    Justice Dept. Tracked Fox News Reporter James Rosen’s Movements, Obtained His Personal Emails

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    report in the Washington Post indicates that the Justice Department’s admission that they seized two months of telephone records from the Associated Press was not the first time the DoJ invaded the privacy of reporters in order to further an investigation. In 2009, James Rosen, Fox News’ chief Washington correspondent, was suspected of receiving secret information from government sources on North Korea. As a result, DoJ tracked his movements within the State Department via his access card, they traced the timing of his telephone calls with State Department sources, and obtained a searched his personal emails.

    Some could have gaps in medical coverage under new law

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    Income fluctuations could interrupt coverage for 28 million low-income people who could bounce between Medicaid and insurance exchanges. The key will be ensuring people move smoothly between programs.

    When the national healthcare law takes full effect next year, millions of Americans risk disrupted health coverage because of common life events: getting married or divorced, having children or taking on a second job.

    True Story: Two burglars busted after one of them butt-dials 911

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    Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart, both 20 years-old, broke into a car, then allegedly stole prescription drugs and other items after shattering the vehicle’s window with a hammer. One of the two genius-type burglars then butt-dialed 911. At that point a dispatcher heard, ”Get the bolt and give me the hammer just in case,” before glass hearing the sound of glass shattering.

    Video: Michele Bachmann already airing TV ads 17 months before the election to defend her seat

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    Even though the election is 17 months away, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is airing about $85,000 in TV ads in the Twin Cities area in order to defend her seat. In the ad, Bachmann touts as an achievement her attempts to repeal Obamacare.

    Politicians typically do not begin running commercials until the year of the election

    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    Jennifer Rubin Goes Off On David Shuster For Reciting ‘Media Matters Talking Points,’ Tells CNN To ‘Mute’ Him

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    Reliable Sources got heated on Sunday morning when the Washington Post’Jennifer Rubinclashed with David Shuster during a discussion about ABC News’ Jonathan Karl — who issued a statement “regretting” the error he made in reporting on emails about Benghazi talking points. Going after Shuster for parroting “Media Matters talking points,” she suggested CNN “mute” him.
    Karl’s story wasn’t incorrect, Rubin argued, adding that the problem was with the attribution… before Shuster cut her off, prompting Rubin to glare while he spoke.

    CBS News' Major Garrett Reports That 'Republican' Source Fed ABC And CBS News Fake Benghazi Emails

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    Ex-CEO Claims She Was Fired For Being ‘Disabled’ After Being Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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    Kathleen Mason, ex-CEO of Tuesday Morning (Credit: Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)
    Shortly after informing the board of directors of her breast cancer, former CEO of Tuesday Morning was ousted as the head of the furniture retail company last June. Kathleen Mason, who served as CEO for 12 years, has filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming she was discriminated against.
    The Wall Street Journal reports this may be anunprecedented lawsuit among cases over alleged discrimination:
    While employee suits over alleged discrimination are common, it is rare for one to come from a former CEO. Ms. Mason’s lawsuit, filed on Thursday in county court in Dallas, claims the board wrongfully dismissed her because “it regarded her as being disabled” after she informed some fellow directors about her diagnosis.

    Scott Walker Touts Job Growth That Ranks Wisconsin Seventh-To-Last In Nation

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    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) is pushing a report from his administration’s Department of Workforce Development that puts the state’s net private-sector job gains at 32,000 for 2012. Federally tallied figures for all states won’t be available until June, as CBS affiliate WSAW explains, which renders comparisons impossible:
    Walker’s Department of Workforce Development released the new figures on Thursday, but they can’t be compared to other states until next month. Walker has been releasing the figures before they are published officially by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    How Cheap Genetic Testing Complicates Cancer Screening For Us All

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    Sometimes, more medical information is a bad thing. The influential United States Preventive Services Task Forcerecommends against most women getting genetic screenings for their susceptibility to breast cancer. Why? Because the tests are imperfect: for every woman who gets tested for genes associated with onset breast cancer, even more will falsely test positive, leading spooked patients into needless surgery or psychological trauma. Super cheap genetic testing from enterprising health startups, such as 23andMe, have complicated cancer detection for us all by increasing the accessibility of imperfect medical information.

    Syrian army storms rebel town of Qusair

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    Heavy fighting is reported in the besieged Syrian town of Qusair after state forces launched a major offensive to re-capture the rebel stronghold.

    State TV says troops have captured key buildings in the town centre, a claim strongly denied by activists.
    Rebels say 50 people have been killed while state media says 70 "terrorists" are dead.

    Minnesota State Rep Calls Climate Change ‘Complete United Nations Fraud And Lie’

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    On Wednesday night, Minnesota State Representative Glenn Gruenhagen (R-Glencoe) took to the House floor to talk about climate change and renewable energy.
    Using sources such as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Gruenhagen told his colleagues that climate change is a “complete United Nations fraud and lie…. The latest facts from CPAC show that in the last sixteen years there’s been no global warming.”
    While it is common practice among climate skeptics to claim that the Earth is no longer warming, the fact is global temperatures are rising. 2010 was the hottest year on record and every year of the 2000s was warmer than 1990s average. Over 30 million people were displaced by climate-related extreme weather events in 2012, and it is increasingly likely millions more will be displaced in the near  future.

    Virginia GOP Nominee Believes Gays Are ‘Very Sick’ And Democrats Are Worse Than The KKK

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    The Virginia Republican Party this weekend nominated for lieutenant governor a minister who has a history of virulent anti-gay statements, accuses the Democratic Party of enslaving African Americans, and criticized President Obama for having “Muslim sensibilities.” The former Senate candidate ,who in 2012 garnered less than 5 percent of the vote in the Republican primary, bested six other candidates during the Virginia GOP convention, and will join conservative Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on the Republican ticket. He is the first black candidate the state party has endorsed since 1988.

    ‘Totally Misleading’: Chris Wallace Grills White House Adviser Over Benghazi Emails, Talking Points

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    White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer made the Sunday show rounds this week, including a stop at Fox News Sunday, where Chris Wallace pressed him on the administration’s handling of and response to the Benghazi attack. Wallace persisted on the topic of the emails about the talking points in particular — but the two couldn’t manage to agree.

    Saturday, May 18, 2013

    RNC FL Hispanic Director is Now a Democrat

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    Note from Editor kevin cate:
    I’ve known Pablo Pantoja for years. We were both in the same graduate program at Florida State University. We bonded because we were both also state employees at the time. However, Pantoja had another, another job. He was a National Guardsman, having already served in Iraq and Kuwait, winning numerous accolades.

    Obama breaches Marine umbrella protocol

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    The commander in chief of the American armed forces today forced a violation of Marine Corps regulations, so he wouldn’t get wet.

    Congressman Tears Into AG Holder Over Marijuana: ‘This Is The Time To Remedy Prohibition’

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    During a Wednesday House oversight hearing with Attorney General Eric Holder that overwhelmingly focused on the invasive government search of Associated Press phone logs and the IRS, one House member took the

    Until we restore Glass-Steagall, more big bank bailouts are inevitable

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    Attorney General Eric Holder made actual some news this week amid the GOP’s scandal frenzy: he told the House Judiciary committee that big banks are not too big too jail. He was willing to criminally prosecute the nation’s largest banks, though he hasn’t done so since the financial crisis.

    Michelle Obama wants Bowie State graduates to promote education

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    She addresses commencement for historically black university

    May 17, 2013|By Krissah Thompson

    A Smile Can Go A Long Way: Indiana Waitress Gets $446 Tip For Her Cheery Attitude

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    Here is the Bill: http://i.imgur.com/WLZrTk5.jpg

    CeCe Bruce works as a waitress at a Steak N' Shake in Indianapolis while going to school. Despite having her share of rude or difficult customers, CeCe always tries to keep a smile and a positive attitude. Recently, her hard work and good spirits paid off for her when a regular customer, known as "Miss Jo," left her a hefty tip -- $446 on a $6 bill.

    IRS Commissioner: "It Is Absolutely Not" Illegal For IRS To Target Conservatives

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    STEVEN MILLER, IRS COMMISSIONER: I think, are you talking about the letters?

    REP. PRICE: Saying that there is a parellel here in the exansive nature of what the IRS has done, would you care to recharacterize the unneccesary word? Is it illegal what they have done? 

    MILLER: It is absolutely not illegal. 

    PRICE: It's not illegal what the IRS has done?

    MILLER: Let me understand the question. What is your statement as to what is illegal? 

    PRICE: Do you believe it is illegal for employees of the IRS to create lists to target individual groups and citizens in this country? 

    MILLER: I think the Treasury inspector general indicated that it might not be, but other will be able to tell that. 

    PRICE: What do you believe?

    MILLER: I don't believe it is.

    GOP Weekly Address: Congressman & Doctor Andy Harris On Red Tape In Obamacare

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    GOP: Congressman Andy Harris, M.D., delivers this week's address on the devastating effects of Obamacare. Labeled a "train wreck" by one of its authors, this legislation will raise health care insurance premiums, stifle medical innovation, and cost jobs across the country - not to mention the thousands of pages in new regulations, as shown by the "Red Tape Tower." That's why the House voted and passed legislation to repeal Obamacare.

    Krauthammer On IRS Commissioner: "You've Got To Be A Knave Or A Fool To Say That And An Idiot To Believe It"

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    CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The testimony from [Steven] Miller comes under the category of 'how stupid do you think we are?' Here's a guy who said that the IRS openly discriminated against groups on the basis of their politics, but the action was not a political action. It was instead an attempt at efficiency. You've got to be a knave or a fool to say that and you have to be an idiot to believe it. It's simply a contradiction in terms. It's a matter of definition. It isn't even a matter of fact.

    So that, I mean -- he starts off way, way out there, and then he obviously was withholding the truth when he went before the committee before and said, 'well I answered the questions,' but he concealed from them the fact that this was going on. He knew it was a deep concern. He said nothing.

    And let me just add the last bit of news that we got -- how this was released by the IRS. This is peculiar and I'm not even sure I can understand why. But they decide knowing the IG report will come out this week, they decide a week ago to plant a question in a closed meeting of the ABA (American Bar Association) so that Lois Lerner answers it and gives an answer, assuming I think that it's going to leak out, but I'm not even sure I understand the logic of doing that.

    Why not just issue a press release, say it? But to do it in a sort of ridiculously devious way shows you an institution that is sort of given intrinsically to being untruthful and deceptive. (Special Report, March 17, 2013)

    Obama Weekly Address: Build A "Thriving" Middle Class By Investing In Jobs, Skills And Opportunity

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    White House: In this week’s address, President Obama talked about his belief that a rising, thriving middle class is the true engine of economic growth, and that to reignite that engine and continue to build on the progress we’ve made over the last four years, we need to invest in three areas: jobs, skills and opportunity.
    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Hi, everybody. Over the past few months, I’ve laid out a series of commonsense ideas to reignite the true engine of our economic growth: a rising, thriving middle class.

    The way I see it, there are three areas where we need to focus. One: making America a magnet for good jobs. Two: making sure our workers have the education and skills they need to do those jobs. And three: making sure your hard work leads to a decent living.

    I’ve also been visiting cities across the country that are doing some interesting and creative things along these lines.

    On Friday, I stopped by a factory in Baltimore that’s creating good jobs here at home by exporting digging equipment abroad.

    I read with young kids in a pre-K program, where kids are getting a head start learning the skills they’ll need to succeed in life.

    And I stopped by a program that’s helping folks in tough circumstances – especially low-income dads – get the training and guidance they need to find work and support their families.

    That’s why I like getting out of the Washington echo chamber whenever I can – because too often, our politics aren’t focused on the same things you are. Working hard. Supporting your family and your community. Making sure your kids have every chance in life.

    More than anything, the American people make me optimistic about where we’re headed as a nation. Especially after all we’ve been through the past several years. And that should encourage us to work even harder on the issues that matter to you.

    In a little over three years, our businesses have created more than 6.5 million new jobs. And while our unemployment rate is still too high, it’s the lowest it’s been since 2008. But now we need to create even more good, middle-class jobs, and we need to do it faster.

    Corporate profits have skyrocketed to all-time highs. But now we need to get middle-class wages and incomes rising too.

    Our housing market is healing. But we still need to help a lot more families stay in their homes, or refinance to take advantage of historically low rates.

    And our deficits are shrinking at the fastest rate in decades. But now we need to budget in a smarter way that doesn’t hurt middle-class families or harm critical investments in our future.

    So in a lot of sectors, things are looking up. The American auto industry is thriving. American energy is booming. And American ingenuity in our tech sector has the potential to change the way we do almost everything.

    In the coming weeks, I’m going to visit more cities like Baltimore, and Austin, Texas – where I was two weeks ago; places where Americans are coming together to strengthen their own communities and economies – and in the process, making this country better for all of us.

    And I’m going to keep trying to work with both parties in Washington to make progress on your priorities. Because I know that if we come together around creating more jobs, educating more of our kids, and building new ladders of opportunity for everyone who’s willing to climb them – we’ll all prosper, together.

    Thanks. And have a great weekend.
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