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  • Monday, May 20, 2013

    True Story: Two burglars busted after one of them butt-dials 911

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    Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart, both 20 years-old, broke into a car, then allegedly stole prescription drugs and other items after shattering the vehicle’s window with a hammer. One of the two genius-type burglars then butt-dialed 911. At that point a dispatcher heard, ”Get the bolt and give me the hammer just in case,” before glass hearing the sound of glass shattering.

    After the dispatcher pieced together the pair’s location, the police tracked them down as they were leaving the crime scene.

    The Daily News reports, “At first they maintained their innocence, but officers reportedly found items taken from the other car on the back seat.
    When told how they were caught, one of the suspects said: “This fool really called 911? Damn.”
    Teklemariam and Rinehart were arrested and charged with one count each of burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of stolen property.”
    Please someone give these guys an Award of some sort, Darwin or otherwise.

    Congrats guys. You’ll now be known as the butt dialers.

    Images: the Daily News.

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